dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

the beauty of it

i didn't want to get of bed
the tired...

but Leo and i were to meet Joeke and Henk
the two men Leo met in NYC when he was 24
who invited him to Amsterdam back in the 70's...

really sweet (handsome) men

initially i was intimidated and a bit nervous
we sat near the flower market
i had a fried egg sandwich that was leaking yoke everywhere
and a hot chocholate

i felt

but we walked through the city
down that street to the RembrantPlein

such memories!



Rembrant, ah
i got out my camera
for the first time really
snapped a lot of pictures
as we walked over the bridge
into the Waterlooplein
so i could change some money

then over to the Hermitage museum
where Leo wanted to see an exhibit of Art from all them pilgrims from once upon a time
all those dead guys on crosses
all those mothers of pearl

pretty fucking crazy
that christianity stuff
but pretty cool, yeah?

we sat in the cafe

Fresh Mint Tea

the plant
in a glass
with hot water


amazing chocolate cake
and nut/pecan torte
not too sweet!

stroopwaffels met de Te!


but we closed the place
so we walked out
took more pictures
and went to Joeke and Henk's house

sat and talked for many hours more

Rooibos tea
and red wine
and barenburg
and laughing
and phone calls


friends making plans with me for tomorrow

smiles everywhere

it's beautiful
snow fallling heavy oustide
into the canal!

we got back just in time for Robert to be coming in the door
the priest here
i jumped in front of him and unlocked the door for him
he just came in from Istanbul
ah ha

i got some shit together
and ran back out the door to catch the bus...

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