dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

old friends

so lazy
sweating a lot when i'm sleeping
not sleeping well

left the house around 2pm
down to the Warmoerstratt
no Juan
Leo went to the OudeKerk to listen to an organ concert
i walked over to meet up with Marcel

got him on the phone
when to his new place
-- four doors down from his old place.

i told him what's been going on with me
he told me what's been going on with him

we weren't in the mood to give a massage
so we made a date for tuesday night

we ate
and talked
and took some pictures.

he said he'd give me his extra bike to use while i was here

lucky me
it was a bit of mercury retrograde hassle
but we got the bike

... and it started to snow.

he said
"it seems so natural to have you here... this is where i met you.. and it's like you're supposed to be here. like you're normal here"

yes, normal in amsterdam.

he went off to have dinner with his Friend
and i rode the bike
what was now becoming Hail
... no Juan
but his Friend answered the door
rememberd me
i felt embarrassed
he told me Juan would be very busy and probably wouldn't be able to see me
but i could call him

ahh, lover's spit.

i rode the bike over to the Cu-coo's Nest
and found a secure place to lock it
then went to find Leo

i went in there
and did a quick circle:
no Leo

so he's either over at the Web or locked in a cabin somewhere...

he probably got here around 14.30
and it was about 18.30 by the time i got there...

so i went to the Web

quick circle
no Leo

back downstairs
some guy gave me the eyes...

i was going to go back over to the other bar
but he looked kinda hot
and i hadn't played around yet
so i thought of following him up
when the bartender told me i wasn't allowed to go up unless i bought a drink

so checked my coat
bought a drink ( a jaggermiester )
-- he skimped me to let me know he didn't like me

by the time i was heading up
this guy was coming back down
and he started talking with me
then said
"wait, where are you from?"
' america '
"north america?"
' united states '
"oh, sorry: i hate Americans"
he walked away

i stood against the wall

he came back and kinds appologized
trying to explain that he didn't hate me
he hated my politics
-- i looked at him and asked him if i looked like George Bush
-- did he really think that was MY Politicks?

but that's the difference
we Americans are all fragments
Europeans actually can idtentify with their nation... coz it means something

ours is mass produced in china and sold by walmart

i talked with a very drunk slim Rat of a guy (not an insult, just a type)
full leathers
telling me how being in bars gets me no further
does nothing for me
thank you

i walked out
leaving my coat there

back at the CuCoo's Nest
Leo Grabbed me as soon as i walked in
explaining that he'd sat and had drinks for a while..
then got about nine cocks..

instead of buying a drink there
he went back over to the Web with me
-- i heard they were giving out free food

it was mushroom soup

but not canned
.. it was OK

we ate it
and then went off to get some Real Dinner

the Argentinian Steak House back on the Warmoerstratt

we both ordred lamb chops
shared fries and humita

rood wijn


we walked around
back over to the Web
got more drinks
talked to the coat check guy
-- he used to head up the Dikke Matjes (our fat friends)
we asked him if the bears still meet up here at the Web
no no, now at a different bar
De Barderij
so we finished our drinks
and went over there

stood around talking to eachother for a bit
when i walked back to the toilets
i was stopped by two handsome older men
they told me how much they liked me
we kissed and hugged a bit


but there was Jan Willemsen!
he was coming up from downstairs
.. i saw those stairs.. where did they go?
that's where the Bears are! - he said

so we went down
and it was us
and guys i knew from the Sjako
the bears here in amsterdam
aren't so fat and furry the way i like my american beef
but they're freaks
and that's good.

interesting folk
nice conversations

then we went back up coz they were closing down stairs

Leo realized he had to catch the last tram
and i wanted to go to the Argos
seeing as i had to ride the bike home anyway..

i didn't get the bike moved
didn't get to the Argos
one of those nice handsome older men
took me on the 13 tram back to his place
telling me he would give me Taxi fare
but we played and
after it was over
i was totally exhausted

he didn't speak much english
but he said
"sleep here"

--- in all the time i lived in amsterdam
that only happened once or twice
that someone would actually invite me back to their house!
and then ask me to sleep in their bed!
i was amazed
and he was such a handsome older man..

so i slept.

woke at 5
still jet lagg confusion
and couldn't get back to sleep

' ik kan neit sleptj '
i kept thinking

i used the toilet.
took a shower
and looked out the window: trams running again by 6am
so i said good by to him
and walked down the road for a while
til the tram caught up with me

way out west
an area i've never spent time in
so sleepy

was the bike still there?

i wish a bakkerij were open


i walked through the Dam
down the deserted Neuwendijk
back to where the bike was parked...

and rode it home!


these streets
the canals
the sun rising
the quiet

so warm
in my puffy coat
riding the bike...

back to the church

brought the bike inside
put it against the wall under the coats

came up and moved some data around
and went up to the bedroom
took off my clothes
turned the Radio off
(Leo turns it on when he wakes up really early to help put himself back to sleep)
it stopped his snoring and he said "OH!"

we snuggled up and talked a bit
i convinced him to leave me alone so i could get some rest

and off i went into the dreaming

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