dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

so, i'm here

the flight was strange
i couldn't sleep
i sat there reading
til my eyes burned
and i was hallucinatory
and my whole body was sore
that burnt-electric fatigue set in

rocketing through the night at 600mph or something...

i napped for about an hour
waking to the sun glarring in on me
so hot
i wanted to be naked in it

floating in the air up there like that

burning or freezing?

the plane had to circle
holding pattern

we landed nearly a half hour late
and British Airways has this Excellent idea where you have to check in AGAIN to get your boarding pass for your connecting flight
wow, what a great idea

line a mile long
curling around everywhere

i'm tired now, grouchy

i hate London.

in line
there's this weedy old guy, could swear he's Quinten Crisp's brother
a total sissy
but not empowered by it, dig
so not hot.

he gets pulled out of line
and i take my headphones off
to hear that we get to skip the line if we have a flight in the next hour
which i do

rushed through
security (again, isn't that a great idea? doesn't it make perfect sense?)
check in
hike ALL the way across the terminal
sit down

flight's been delayed two hours.


that's great
by the time we'll be boarding
Leo should be waiting for his flight

i look into the logistics of trying to get on his plane
but it's a mess

apparently no one knows how to schedule planes at Heathrow
you'd have thought they'd figured that out by now, eh?

there i am
trying to nap on the bench
when i realized our gate's been changed:
to the other fucking side of the terminal


as i walk
i look for Leo

no Leo.

i get to my gate

it's been delayed another half hour


i go walking some more
and there's Leo!

sitting next to a cute chubby hawaian guy
i point at his case
' is that a ukelele? '
it is!
he starts playing for us
it's a big one, a tenor...
he's sweet



Leo smiles at me
and gives me a 10 pound note he's had since last year
so i go and buy some crisps and a sarny just for nostalgia's sake
i usually avoid airport food
it's so vapid.

so i chat with Leo a bit
hug him
and we promise to meet at the baggage claim


the flight taxis for about an hour
a huge line of planes a head of us

but it's less than an hour in the air
and wow
there's Holland
so flat
the sea

we get our bags
i change some money

Wow, 200 dollars is about 150 Euros...

poor America.

Leo and i are happy kids
we're buying train tickets
we're buying strippenkarts

we're missing trains
we're riding trains
we're riding trams
we're walking through the old neighborhood
we're home
we're in the church
we're drinking tea
we're really fucking tired

and when i tell him everything about what's been happening recently
he just hugs me

-- we go out to get dinner
try and find Juan
no Juan
and food down there is so terrible (in the tourist district, vapid: like airport food... but cheaper)
and the bar...
the bar...

Oh Yes
i remember now
Amsterdam is what made it impossible for me to go into bars anymore!
we're sitting drinking and talking
and we talk to other people
i initiate it
or Leo does
but they're drunk and sad and crazy and relentless



so i leave Leo and go downstairs
and everyone looks at me like i'm an Alien
or worse
and i'm making them all feel shameful

avert their eyes
hide their cocks from me

i fucking hate this feeling

i go back up
and Leo chats up some young italian guy
who's a fuckin nut (and not in a fun way: RELENTLESS)
and then leaves me with the chatter box and goes down
to play with someone
as he always can and does
-- he's so fucking hot.

i get rid of the italian when i've got about 2% of my shields left
and then get attacked from the other side by Arrogant Dutch Guy
who is also ReLentLess
and not fun
just snotty and snappy and disconnected
and then Leo comes back
all smiley
and i'm like: LET"S GET OF HERE
nad the Web was just as bad
Leo plays with some kid i used to do girl-chat with
"oh, isn't that daddy so hot?"

yeah, so hot
he busts a load on Leo's boot


we take the tram home and crash.

sleeping was hard
we woke at three
talked a few hours
and managed to go back to sleep til 11

and today?

today i went to Sebastian's
good to see him again

we hugged and talked
had soup and bread

some american guy from california was there
but i was too happy to be there to be uspet about it
it was a Breema workshop
healing work
all about presence
as he taught it

my judgemental side was pissy that no one was doing it right
and how i was the most exacting of students
that is
the only one i saw actually doing what the guy was teaching
and people responded very positively to what i was doing


being in a room full of people focusing on presence is always good
and when we lay down in a Sivasana style intention
i fell asleep instantly
-- i guess many others did as well

there was more chatting
but i said i would meet Leo before 6 back at the Rectory
-- we're staying in the Rectory of an Olde Catholick Church

but Leo wasn't there
and didn't get back til 7:30
-- he'd been at the sauna
which i knew
got stalked in there by some cute italian
and whiled the hours away...

he's such a SHY Hunter.

and what am i?

jet lagged
tired and grouchy

we went out to eat
and got back around 11
but i've been on this box for hours trying to answer emails
and post things
silly me
but now it's time for sleep
three in morning

we'll take the rest of the week easy, you know

gotta get a bike
gotta see the swimming trees
and the old friends

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