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Vertical Prose

February 23rd, 2006

sleeping @ 02:45 am

i envy people who can fall asleep so easily

i lay awake

they just get in bed
and the gravity pulls them down

into sleep

maybe it's their Older?

and it's different with everyone

Arthur is like an opiate for me
but i never sleep well with him

i can get comfortable
but i always wake up tired..

though last time we slept...
i woke in the early morning
and watched him
laying right on his back! no covers!
snoring ever so slightly
legs open
arms everywhere

i'd never seen him like that
and i really wanted a picture

but then he rolled on his side

"...and so hard to get out of bed"

but with lovers
it changes

with Leo
i used to sleep well
then it got harder and harder
it was better
i could sleep with him
just had to be aware of my own patterns
and sometimes
it says
"no, you're not sleeping yet"

and with Nay
i could just curl up
but this year
it's been laying next to him
listening to him snore

trying and trying to just fall asleep

but not
so i get up
and write a bit


i'm on european time already
of course

been staying up til 4 the last few nights
waking around noon

get enough sleep boy

on european time

i leave at 10:30 Pm tonight
fancy that
flying all night
and then

to surprise a friend on the Warmoerstraat!
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Date:February 23rd, 2006 10:03 am (UTC)


Sometimes it is hard to sleep when your eyelids won't stop the swirling winds of thought inside.
Sometimes it is hard to sleep when your eyelids won't stop the encroachment of the new and the death of the old.
Sometimes it is hard to sleep when your eyelids won't stop the fire on your throat, demanding to scream, roar, yell, chant or otherwise conjugate the inner mind with the outer juices of God.
Sometimes, who knows really what calls upon us.

My lovem hugs and hot cocoa wishes. may you sleep a recuperative sleep.
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Date:February 23rd, 2006 07:22 pm (UTC)
skullbunny used to say "You drive me crazy--you put your head down and in three breaths, you're asleep!"
I wasn't always like that, though. Back when I regularly restled with the demons of regret and recrimination, I had to stay up until I was utterly exhausted before sleep took me.
Now it's easier--
or maybe I'm just more tired. :)

Rest easy in Europe, my friend!

Vertical Prose