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Vertical Prose

May 9th, 2004

last night's unfinished thoughts @ 01:26 am

Current Mood: very tired
Current Music: just the way you are - milky

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Date:May 9th, 2004 08:53 pm (UTC)

just in time

spent the nite readin youre writin
your words still sing because they were here today...in my ears and in my house
youre the guy with the water...and green juice...but who loves chocolate too
and that somehow makes u special to me.

im get so tired until u blow through the dusty places and stir things up
and make me think and feel
and i know for your readin (and just from what i know about u) that maybe love isnt your thing now
and that i always knew

but u still stir a fellas heart up with your wicked crafty hairstik
and the way u have of seein the world in the way i think it was supposed to be seen
and the way u feel...and the way u touch...and the way u fit right into my life

like something old and worn and real familiar
that fits just so...even in the places where they dont make things to fit..u fit anyway
and its like home

and when youre gone there is an empty space
and its hella big
and nothing but a greyin beard to remind me that u were here
and the faint scent of petuli
and memory

Vertical Prose