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Vertical Prose

May 9th, 2004

last night's unfinished thoughts @ 01:26 am

Current Mood: very tired
Current Music: just the way you are - milky

so many things i intended to say

like Math.

it's a simple thing

if you think of the world as actions, examples, stories, images, feelings...
to me that seems very human and real

to reduce everything to numbers:

"15 minutes"
"15 inches"
"15 degrees outside"

it's abstract

and tell me, darling
what is it that uses numbers as it's only way of knowing reality?


perhaps these people who talks in maths and buzzes likes a fridge
are androids.

Why can't we forget it?


and did i say anything about the flies?
flies only eat dead things
they hardly ever bother me:
hard to mistake me for dead
some people it's much easier..

and about robbie:
all those herbs didn't help a lick
he's just too passive
he fell asleep

but he told me many things in that process that reminded me of what was important

he said he never thinks of me as a "slut"
but as a healer
and that i can take sexual energy and use it for healing

he was just all plusses
but also reminded me
that he chooses and understands that he is not a generator of life energy so much
(he didn't say it like that, but to that affect... effect?)
and that he needs others around him

he is the quintessential bear

big and friendly
loving, like a teddy... like a mommy
smart, silly, simple
hmmm, i don' t know

but it reminded me of a long time ago when i first met him
i'd get nervous being around him
there would be long silences

becuase there were no arguments
no discrepancies
things just were as they were and it was that simple

i'd never had that-uncomplicated an interraction
and with a Virgo!
it left my dumbfounded and doubtful--- suspicious even

now i just appreciate the relationship for that

but also understand that that's just what it is...

which ties into to Leo
and my understanding of our relationship
back when...

when i thought nearly the same thing
--"oh, it's a different relationship-- no antagonism at all"

that changed as soon as i thought of him as my One big one...
silly me

Robbie also reminded me that i am not the kind to ever have a husband
that i need the million lovers in order to be satisfied and grow

i told him there is a small part of my heart
that cannot grow
until i do have the one lover
maybe only for a short period of time
a year or two
but i need that in order to learn something about life and loving...

... which leads me to tonight
Bear Hugs Sex Party at Marty's...

i'm very tired
i've had some fun
but got really nervous when i watched one of Leo's sex partner friends
getting fucked raw by some guy that certainly looked HIV+
coz i know he and Leo fuck raw as well

it sends a shiver down my spine
this town and all its illness
what can we do to heal it?
what can we do to prevent it
really-- not just fear and bandaids...

how to love in this place...

my body feels drained and sore

still, it's been a nice day

everyone in town
go down to Rainbow grocery and pick up an Acai soy drink in the fridge section in the back
they are SO tasty

i'm off to dreams

see ya there
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Date:May 9th, 2004 07:21 am (UTC)
"15 inches"

I want to go to THAT sex party! *laugh*

*sigh* bad timing. Wish we had been in the city at the same time.
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Date:May 9th, 2004 11:59 am (UTC)


hmmm, am i being too obtuse?

perhaps, pot brownie and sleep deprivation...
were you in SF recently?

Date:May 9th, 2004 08:53 pm (UTC)

just in time

spent the nite readin youre writin
your words still sing because they were here today...in my ears and in my house
youre the guy with the water...and green juice...but who loves chocolate too
and that somehow makes u special to me.

im get so tired until u blow through the dusty places and stir things up
and make me think and feel
and i know for your readin (and just from what i know about u) that maybe love isnt your thing now
and that i always knew

but u still stir a fellas heart up with your wicked crafty hairstik
and the way u have of seein the world in the way i think it was supposed to be seen
and the way u feel...and the way u touch...and the way u fit right into my life

like something old and worn and real familiar
that fits just so...even in the places where they dont make things to fit..u fit anyway
and its like home

and when youre gone there is an empty space
and its hella big
and nothing but a greyin beard to remind me that u were here
and the faint scent of petuli
and memory

Vertical Prose