dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,


i woke up with Nay
and he left

i layed about with LEE-HI for a while
took he for a walk

and what else was i doing?

i think i got distracted on line

then had an adventure:
took the Q train to Ave J
took the 6b Bus down to Bay Parkway
passed the "Louis DeLuca" memorial home
called him
said "hello"

spent the afternoon with Arthur.

did we watch a movie?
we must have
it was all in front of the TV

we ate chinese food too
we did other things
but he was sad to hear
i had to go:

i had a date with Frankie.

Bridget's friend i'd met years ago in Austin

she had never done Absinth and wanted to sit and drink with me

so yeah
it took a while for me to leave Art
as it does

and when i got home
i wasn't hungry
i was just


i poured the drinks
one from each bottle
one with honey
the other with maple syrup

diluted half

strong shit

i told her the history of Absinth (does anyone need me to repeat that?)
we drank and drank
while B worked on proofreading or something...

bridget insisted that we make art
coz we were doing absinth

so we started drawing..
i drew a mask i used to draw all the time

you can kinda see it on my first attempt at a web page, Here

but i'd not drawn it in years
so i had to put hair on it..

it was strange

to draw on absinth
with old firends
new friends?

i made...

and then drew a quick sketch of what i used to look like:

Then Frankie and i needed to get some air.

we went out
slightly raining
we stopped by Two Boots pizza

but it was open
and we weren't really hungry
just needed to get out
and Frankie didn't bring any money with her anyway
even though "hunger" had been her excuse to go out...

so we went to the Stanton Social to see Suzanna
(she wasn't there)

you know
i've never Hung Out in my neighborhood before

it's kinda gross.

we went to the Cake Shop
went down stairs
there was no one there but the bar tender

oh no
there was a straight couple
but they just blended in
then dissapeared..

the barkeep (Duane)
told me about how he was going to fast
and i did my best to talk him out of it

wrong time of year
not good

Frankie demanded exchange for our services
so he gave us free Beer (rhinegold)

and a girl walked in with a pet rooster named Lou
he was a little bantam

he sat on the bar

we break danced
we did pushups

they were hungry
so i took them back to Two Boots after they closed
where there was a bag full of pizza laying on the sidewalk

they were in heaven!
and grabbed many pieces

i wasn't hungry
but took two stromboli for tomorrow...

we went to "The Johnson's"
a terrible straight hipster bar just down the street from our apartment

it was gross
and kinda sad

reminded me of Slick Williie's
(Ted's Mother's Garage we hung out in as teenagers)


Frankie realized she'd lost her favourite shirt
went out to get it
while i sat and drank a guiness

but she couldn't find the cake shop
so i went to get it
and there it was

so i came back
and we left
and we went home
and we slept

and i woke up feeling pretty good
for having drank so much absinth...

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