dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

day 3

really early in the morning

... yesterday (or the day before) i kept thinking of Eddie Veder's cover of "hide your love away"
- i think before the theft

today - at the airport
in the silly store
there was a peruvian flute cover of it playing...

"Hey! you've got to Hide your Love away"


i keep noticing the abcense of my mobile phone

want to lay games on it
talk to people
check the time

maybe i'm missing the RF frequencies?


very early flight out of Lima to Iquitos
long light of the morning
These mountains are amazing

unlike any i've seen before

so barren...
yet --
glacial lakes
small... towns? cities? ruins?

"middle of nowwhere"

now red... lowers, past the snow. green.
no heavy clouds again.

... a while back, bursting through a layer... i saw a perfect circular spectrum surrounding the minature shadow of our plane...


Iquitos was a small town --
we passed through it quickly
travelling in an old wooden bus
through the markets...

why sould Dan have stayed there?

--- sleep deprivation hit me like a brick to the back of the head --

i was groucy & not very communicative -

we got on an old boat -
huge smelly engines...
like an old river ferry boat...
with only about 20 or less people on it. -

The Amazon.
going on forever.
muddy- filled with debris...
plants growing on driftwood --
insanely fertile.

-- i couldn't stand listening to all the conversations on the boat
...i walked around ...
eventually choosing to sleep...

Just in time to pull up on dock at the CeibaTops Resort.

Jim handed me his camera at the begining of the boat trip
so i am the photographer...
i don't like it as much as Brother (my camera that got stolen)...
but it'll do.

we transferred to a smaller boat
- seats for 24, not all filled -

Jim kept nodding out... i wished i could...

people in dugout canoes...
i wonder if they need people to teach english here in the Jungle?

we turned off the huge river
& went up the NayaMono [black monkey] to the resort here...

built on stilts...
about 8 feet above the ground...

all of this floods in the rainy season ...
which we are Just about starting.

we got room #5

i dropped my stuff off
& jumped off the decking..

exploring the dirt & plants...
eentually deciding to rest...

all the hammocks were full near our rooms
but i had found more in the back..

i lay down...
drifted to sleep...

just in time for the drums to start --
calling us to lunch.

i was the last to get up and get there
-- They let me know.

~ i like that everyone assumes i speak spanish...
i understand the basics... i can respond a bit...

- i kind of wanted to fast..
in case i could do some Ayhuasca

Ary, our guide, said he knew Dan
whe i wasked
& and when i made a comment about ayhuasca
he said we'd talk about it later..

so i went to lunch
& ate fresh papaya & bananas

... then had some fried yuca
& marinated cucumber & tomato in lime
... & some fried catfish.
& some more papaya!

... as i got up for Lunch
i had noticed a path into the jungle
ao after i finished eating
i went back there to walk on my own

the trees...
the green.

i tromped arond looking at everyting

-- overwhelmed...

taking turns... watching where i was going..

i felt like i had gone far...

i heard something big move fast through the plants...
was it a jaguar? a bear?

i pressed on, noticing i'd been loud..
trying to be more quite now...
Then i saw it:


all freaked out by me...
i kind of ran to see if i could get a better look
over what looked like a very rotten wood-plank bridge

they were grey...
home in a big ficus...
climbing up the descending vines...
-fruit bits scattered EVERYWHERE!

-- i stood & listened for a while...
& felt tired
so started back.

what seemed like such a long walk befoer was only about ten minutes

i lad down in the hammock
& started to dream...

all dreams have been intense on this trip so far

i woke in time to hear a man fall from one of the roof-beams
...they were fixing some of the thatch...

two men rushed in and pulled one of the hammocs down..

by the time i had my shoes on & walked to the scene
he was being hauled off

... blood splattered the deck
and a broken beam was seen hanging above the rooms...

Ary didn't seem worried about it, though

what happens: does.

i suited up.
got the camera
& headed into the jungle with the group..
on the same path i had already walked!

he called it "the bushmaster's path"

the bushmaster is a local poisonous snake
-- four people died from their bites in One Day when they first cut this trail...

i had completely missed noticing the Walking Palms,
the Witch Moth...

the tree with the wall-like roots
could be used as a drum: so people could find you in the forest

he showed us the poisonous Red Arrow Frog...
which gets it's power from eating fire ants

we did not take my Monkey Tree trail
-- we continued on...
which led to a mock - village...
More of a Mall, really

young boys and old men in grass skirts
demonstrating blow guns...

i forgot my wallet!
i didn't think the jungle had commerce in it...
but i borrowed money from Jim
and bought pretty beaded things for my Mom
... played with a red pod plant
who's seeds were exactly like make-up
- squashed between my fingers
they became paint
& i decorated my hands & wrist..

we went back a shortcut
just a few moments and we were back at the resort

.. i guess they'd done this many times

everyone seemed kinda bored

... but we all do our best.

~ still, i hate being a tourist ~

i washed my hands..
then headed back into the jungle on my own:
i wanted to see the monkies again...
or climb a tree...

i walked very slow and quiet
so i Heard more this time
the loud jungle

i followed calls...
saw a witch moth up close...

got back to the monkey tree
but no monkies.

so i grabbed the vines and opened up
- surging & expanding -
i wondered if the jungle & i were compatible?

- i'm afraid of malaria
so i didn't stay long..
misquitoes gathered every time i stopped

i started tromping back
moving faster this time
a little afraid of getting caught in here in the dark

but then i just felt happy and calm
whistling to the birds & hearing them reply

i kept hearing a buzz
like a hummingbird
somewhere right behind me

but i never saw what was making the sound
-- i'd heard it both times i was in the jungle previously today...

-- Who is it?

Now i'm back...
writing by lamp light

the frogs and crickets are very loud

some man playing guitar
... bongos...


(thankful for the nets around the beds)

now that i've finished writing my day
i wonder how i should go interract?

-- reading "the power of now" today brought up lots of insecurity
-- i hope i can get through it.


Pisco Sours!
made of a local distilled alcohol
like a Grappe, i guess
mixed with lime and shugar and egg whites
...& dinner of water buffalo in wine sauce

the moon was beautiful...
full in four more days or so..

... our rooms here are very nice for sleeping in
two beds with thin mattresses on small frame
miquitoe nets suspended by ropes from the walls and roof beams
tucked uneder the mattress

two kerosene lamps on the wall
a door to close
but there is no ceiling
the walls don't connect
thatched roof made of palms
open back "window" - no glass
-- all the forest sounds float through...

water basin in the room
no running water

purified water in large containers out on the decks outside the rooms
with clean glasses for when we're thirsty (or need to brush our teeth)

showers and bathrooms located somewhere not too far away
- water pumped up from the river in the showers
the toilets are dug-outs

... i wonder what it would sound like to sleep here with water flooded under the room?

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