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Vertical Prose

December 15th, 2005

back in )fullmoon( @ 02:42 am

Current Music: devendra

i flew out and through

the temperate west coast
punctuated by the thick bright snow on the sierras

as i edited photos on my mac
flying over
distracted by the beauty down below

the snow
the sleeping trees
peaks and valleys
soft cloud quilts...

all the way to Kansas
where the bird's eye view
got kinda boring
and the sun was hot in my thick layers
i closed the blind
and rotated photos...

maybe you'll get to see them soon.

when i opened the shade again
the clouds were thick and red over indiana
i slept a while in the night
listening to Christopher O'Riley
and when the lights of the Eastern SeaBoard hit me
my heart split open
soaring somewhere into the city
there was a gentle excitement of being home
and things worked plenty well
with time and patience
getting me a free cart
getting my baggage
getting into a cab
and riding to Sterling Street
where Nayland and Matt greeted me with Chinese Food and Conversation

Oh What A World...

but the conversations and laying in bed
left me feeling my heart:

my throat
cold and wet


ah, but underneath:
fearful and jittery

after he fell asleep
i lay and wondered
having to water the plants!
(too much to say)

having to sit on the toilet

... i do feel better

but a few hours playing with settings on the gallery program and iTunes
and wondering

it's late enough now
i can go to sleep, sure.

tomorrow i head up state
for the Nayraya
i'll dance for my mother
and you too, timmy
(oh, wait, i mean the lost little boy i was somewhere...)
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Date:December 30th, 2005 06:00 pm (UTC)

yes...i'm still kicking

but don't do many entries myself...just drop by yours to keep track of your travels....physical, mental and spiritual...Mark

Vertical Prose