dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

day 14

when i woke up this morining
i didn't want to..

it was about 5am..
why is it when i go to sleep later i wake up earlier?

i took a cab home after writing last night because it was raining
and i was TIRED.

so i lolled around in bed
streatched a bit

talked with Jim about yesterday
then went down for breakfast
and headed over here to the internet cafe to check my messages
... now i am determined to have sex with someone here in Cusco.

email tag.

i finished up here
then ran back over to the hotel
just in time for everyone to be heading down stairs for a lecture
.. i ran up stairs and had my morning BM (as Jim would say)
then back down..

a National Police man giving us a slide show about Peru´s terrorists
the Shining Path and MRTA
... customary one sided Evol mindset
i began getting jittery.


Been Jittery all day.

we left there for Saxawaman..
... leaving Pancho, accidentally, at the internet cafe..
back around
picked him up
and off to the ruins..

when we arrived in Cusco
a guy jumped around in front of us taking our pictures..
this morning at the hotel
a girl showed up with Cusco post cards... with those pictures on them!
one for each of us..
i was making a silly face
so i bought it..
for 5 soles.

the ruins were beautiful
big round lime stone
one level (HUGE) from pre-incan times
the second two levels from the Incas
mostly destroyed and turned into churches below..
and houses..
.. they just stopped that from happening in 1974..
though there are still the occasional looters that dig up here to sell stuff on the black market
(shakes head)

we bussed from there to the start of the Incan Trail from Qusqo to Machu Pichu
took some pictures
got back on the bus
and went to Q´neen (or something) lots of lime stone cavities..
most interesting were the tiny zig-zag canals dug for the lama blood to flow down from the Sun´s hitching post..


then we went to a Shaman´s healing ceremony (Jim stayed on the bus through all of this...)
E made a comment of how no one believes in this crap..
jim compained about his body odor..
i was fearful of Shaman life-darts..
the whole thing was kinda silly
all these trinkets
spilled onto a paper
ritual of coco leaves
best wishes
body cleansing..
it just felt so strange with all the ceremony..
i prefer things to be sublime.

but it was an experience..
didn´t last long
we went to an Alpaca factory
and got to see the different grades of tourist sweaters..
but i didn´t buy anything from them
they felt a bit distainful... like they were expecting us and just wanted us to cut to the chase..

i went back to the bus
talked with Jim a while about how unhappy the people looked
(when you´re sick... everything is unhappy)
then went back outside and bought a big black poncho and two red/orange scarves
handmade by an indian who had walked several days to get here..
very cheap
and pretty nice..

then we headed off for Lunch..

they had Pisco Sours there
(have i mentioned this yet?
local drink make with a Grappe type liquor
sugar syrup
lime juice
egg whites
and a dash of bitters or nutmeg.)
drank it down
then Jim´s too
then ate some... Guinea Pig.
.. Jim said it tasted like Squirrel.
ate my lamb... very gamey... yum..
then drank about four shots of Anis Liquor..

but damn
pretty burnt out.

another of those strange picture-postcards was taken of me today
and it was ready already!
i was making an even sillier face
so i bought it too..

came back to the hotel
left Jim to sleep
and came here
working through photos
writing in my journal
and... emailing

Pancho and Judy sat with me
.. they wanted to walk
but it was raining really hard
so we sat at the computers for hours...

it was time for dinner
at some very fancy place down town
we got in the bus and went
(Jim stayed home, not eating... giving his intenstines a rest)

the meal was nice
E and D shared their wine with us all..
the music and dance was fantastic!
telling stories
it was great
and when we were finished..
the night had cleared

Judy headed back to the hotel with Pancho
but this was our last night
they were gonna come back out and walk more

i was pretty fucking single minded about getting some play while i was here in town
so i hiked up to Plaza San Blais again
coz i KNOW i was being cruised by a cute bear yesterday
even though i doubted it now...

but when i got to the plaza
it was just standing around

some really hot chubby guy...
but with his kids

i bought some honey
for to get my cactus home
and decided to call this guy i had met on SD
who was also a friend of a friend of mine...
... he came to meet me at the Plaza..

and though i wasn't really attracted to him all that much
i was curious

so we took a cab back to his place
which was only a few blocks from the Hotel.

through alley
back yard
up small stairs
into the house
TV on

i turned it off
we stripped and began

broken english

there wasn't really all that much of a connection
- he didn't get what he wanted
and i didn't either

what were we doing?

we were telling our story...

we was quite interested in my story
so we spent most of our time talking

... then he walked me back to the Hotel

beautiful sky
moon's out there somewhere...


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