dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

day 8

i woke up about 2 am
came down stairs a bit bleary eyed
and saw some british people checking into the hotel
the man stared at me and said
" do you know someone´s been drawing on your face? "

ahh, kitty kitty.

i sat here at the computer for hours
trying to get an FTP client that worked
found one
while all the photos were moving from the camera..
over a gig on a USB 1 transfer...

finally got all that together and realized the pictures were going to a directory on my server that is not public..
hopefully i´ll get a chance to move it before i leave
just the files..
in a tree...

then i wrote about Yesterday
accessing the notes i had written in my book
but mostly just writing..
went through the last two days
copying many parts directly from the book
and sometimes just carrying off on some tangent
re-arranging, re-phrasing

my hand-written voice is different...

but i didn´t get done
and the photos did not all get transferred...
much slower than i thought..

Jim and E and D came down and said " are you ready? it´s time to go "
so i shuffled all my things together and ran upstairs to get ready
rather quick..

back to the van..
and we waited for our new group member: Jim... from orange county
an older man.. older than my Jim, Jim S
Jim D was a nice fellow, from oklahoma originally (april 13)
i felt kinda hung over/burnt out
tired, i guess
not even 6 am and going..

we got to the airport
checked in
and the flight might have been delayed?
paid our airport tax
and headed down to the gate..

but the weather was bad..
here or there?
but we waited a long time..

another guy from another OAT trip was there
jim said..
"he reminds me of someone... some cartoon character... the father guy from the simpsons"
yeah.. he did...

it was over an hour wait..
but we
got on a bus and headed out to the... planes?

" in a Single Engine Cessna... You say we´ll never make it there... so all we do is Circle it...
til we find out where the edges are
and it bleeds into where you resist

and i know my only way
way out
is to go
so far in...

billowing out to somewhere..."
quote from tori amos circling through my head:
i´d never flown in a plane this small...

three in a row
i was in the front
crammed between two nice canadians from New Brunswick originally
now they live in calgary, alberta
very nice
they were surprised i could tell they were canadian..
how could anyone not?
the accent..

i slept once our plane got above the heavy clouds..
tips of the mountains sticking out..

woke just before we landed
all of a sudden
in the dessert.

a small town called Ica (EE-kah)

huge sand dunes
skeletons of buildings...

i could see the landing strip clearly
first time i´ve had that experience
of seeing what it looks like to land from the front...

it was nice and hot and dry
we walked around
and i remembered
that mercury went retrograde a few days ago (14th)

we were supposed to land
then take off again and fly over the Nazca lines...
then land, have lunch and go visit museums before flying back to Lima..

but everything was... something else.
we were late
so we went to the museum first

our guide was impossible to understand
and impossibly uninteresting
so we all kinda followed him around and vaguely paid attention
i snapped pictures of mummies and skulls..
then we went to a desert Oasis
there used to be 12
this is the only one left
and i wonder if they have put it together with flush toilets and farms?

jim was turned on to a sand boarder kid, i snapped his picture
and three fat men i had been watching laughed when i walked up to the "Burger Queen" van
and tried talkig with me..
so i took their picturs..

damn.. Ica is HOT.

i wish i had time to run around in the sand dunes...

back on the bus
back to the airport
fucking more (mercury) problems
they said our plane had engine trouble and they had to fix it


d & E drinking at the lounge thing
zoo behind
with a llama, alpaca... some ducks
and a condor.

a condor in a fucking cage
with a pile of rocks

i talked with him
he waddled up to me and stuck his beak out
and desperately tried to kill me.

he was VERY unhappy
and i sang him a little song of "sorry"
and tried to scope out the scene to see if i could break him out..

then D & E arrived with their camera
and a local guy opened the door to the cage
got in and grabbed the condor's comb
and wrenched him up onto the pile of rocks
then jammed his comb back into his face
causing him to hold his wings out to full span.

how... beautiful...

D had E pose on the rocks in front of the bird..

i took pictures
and helpless.

amazing animal
poor guy.


they bought lots of gold.


i saw this incredibly hot guy
wide, thick
furry dark forarms
big thick fingers
wide face
i tried to snap a picture of him
and wished i could seduce him somehow..
i feel almost inpotent here...

jim fell asleep
and we went to watch a movie about the nazca lines..

it was a bit over a half hour..
the guy talking to us told us they were a calender, maybe
gemini is a tree!

and i found out that Deetmar is a Leo (and a cardiac surgeon)
and Elizabeth is a Picese (and executive)
-- fits.

waiting more
we were all starving
and i had one more amaranth bar in my bag
and ate it

moments later
they said our plane was ready for the flight over the Nazca Plane...

it was also a single engine Cessna
but even smaller.
deetmar had to sit in the cockpit for us all to fit.

as soon as we took off
i started feeling a bit ill
and was worried that if E got sick
i´d get sick too..

the view was amazing..

amazing desert
the mountains
dead farm patches

wind swept up the dead desert mountains
jostling the plane

nausea started to rise and take over
i tried to turn the vent towards my face
and it broke and fell off onto the floor

as we got to the nazca plane (about a half hour)
i could not control it anymore
i had been trying reiki and qi-gung and grabbed for my lavendar oil
but it was too late
i grabbed the barf bag and hurled
i´d never thrown up in a plane before

so as we're sliding back and forth
turning almost perpendicular to the earth
back and forth and back and forth to see the shapes in the desert
i am
over and over and over
vomiting into a bag

all the amaranth and chocolate and water...

until it was just dry heaves
coughing up mucous...

i couldn't photograph while it was happening, of course
i had vomit on my pants and hands and beard
but jim kept trying to hand me the camera..
i refused the last time..

as we left the plane and headed back to Ica
i felt much better
and hoped i wouldn´t throw up again...

but i felt it comming
so tried to lose myself in a sexual fantasy about that guy i'd seen at the airport earlier today

it didn't work.. i threw up a few more times.

and flew out of the plane
washed the vomit off my shirt in the bathroom
and wished i could just lay down somewhere...

but no rest
had to go to lunch
some buffet somewhere
couldn't take it...

they wouldn't let me just sleep in the bus
i walked out to a court yard outside of where they were eating
and put an electrolyte packet in my water bottle
and slowly sipped it
there was a terribly loud construction noise coming from behind the fence
so i put on my new ear-plug headphones
listened to the new Broken Social Scene album
and decided to write down the sexual fantasy i had started on the plane

--- though i'd not written something like this in YEARS (since i was 15 or so)
it was wonderfully stimulating
strange, because it wasn't just about getting me hard
(i couldn't jack off when i was writing it- i was outside and there were people walking by)
it was about going somewhere that i felt comfortable...
generating a healthy energy...

this is what i wrote:


we had to wait for our flight.
wasn't really sure why...
"engine trouble" someone had said
sat and watched the movie
had drinks at the bar
petting zoo
pathetic condor in a cage
trying to bite.... so sad

i wandered around while Jim slept
in a wicker chair

all of a sudden i saw a very big Peruvian man in a blue shirt
he had a nice round belly,
big, furry arms...
i started following him like a moth at night
snapping picture of him when i could get a good angle
only vaguely making eye contact
he looked at me with a firm glance--
nothing shift or even questioning about it...
but it just stupified me.

he wandered off back & i sat in a chair next to the sleeping Jim to see what pictures i'd gotten of him
-- none really good of his face ...
& i wondered what his belly was like..
he wore it over his belt..
... i got up & went to the bathroom with my hardon..
stood by the urinal & undid my pants
placed my prick in my palm
and felt the heat
--- Then he walked in
door bursting open -- he & light flooding the room
i just stared at him as he walked over & stood next to me at the urnials -- eyes locked -- he said something to me i didn't understand
my mouth uttered:
"me gusta... Usted...
y... yo quiero... Tu."

he nodded only slightly, then barely tilted his head toward the door
grabbed the handle with his big hand
& when my eyes had adjusted to the darkness again
i'd tied my pants up, dick tucked under the waise, untucked shirt obscuring...

he was half way to the exit gate
about 50 yards away
heading to the tour bus parking

when i got out to the gate
he was opening the door on a silver mini-bus with darkly tinted windows

i stepped inside & went to the back
he pulled th door closed & stood in the middle of the aisle
with his hands on the seatbacks
& looked at me

i listend to his breathing
i listened to my own
& pulled my shirt over my head
-- he watched me & my breathing became harder
- it may have been the heat of the bmidday desert sun
i was pulling the draw string on my pants when he grabbed the hem of his shirt
and pulled it over his head in a slow & steady movement, draping it over the back of the driver's seat
- kicking off my scandals
as he buttoned down his pants
and walked towards me

his skin was dark
his body hair was black, mostly straight
it was thin at the top of his chest
and gathered at the bottom of his pecs
cascading like a waterfall in a straight line down his belly
meeting the dark patch of his pubic hair under the slight hang...
his nipples were dark brown, thick and stubby
his fingers had few black hairs on the thick knuckles
which looked good against his leather belt, only slightly darker than his skin
his pubic hair was just as dark & shiny as he pulled the denim open and pushed his pants down his thighs, thick & well furred, to just above his knees

he looked me in the eyes again
and moved his eyes down to my cock
- i moved towards him, the distance being only token at this pointt...
i bent down & held the fold of his heavy jeans in my hands
and pushed them down to his feet...
then looked up
--- he was watching me

as i breathed in deeply the swety musky smell of his balls & foreskin
i exhaled through my mouth and put my lips on his hood
pushing it back as i stroked the head with my tongue
& opened my jaw & relaxed my throat to suck him in
he had his hands firmly on the seat
breathing deep
and i slowly explored the taste and size of him..
but only for a minute or so
as i pushed my forehead against his belly
my beard on his balls & inner thigh
i felt his hand on the back of my neck
-gently at first, then squeezing a few times
then a tight grip as he lifted me up, placed his other hand on my butt
making breif eye contact as he turned me around and bent me over the back bench of the bus

his other thand met the other side of my butt as i felt his spit hit my crack
... warm
but not as warm as the feeling of his broad head against my whole
-- his palms pressed in & his fingers tightened as he gently pulled me onto him

i took a deep breath,
and slowly let it out as i opened to recieve him
-- as i felt his belly rub the top of my butt & his balls meet mine
i heard him let out a sigh that was almost a hiss

he held me there a minute...
and with the next breath the sting in my ass had subsided and i felt my shoulders slump, my spine shiver...
he pulled me in snug
felt so hot inside me

my head was buzzing
i turned to look at him & he already had beads of sweat on his forehead
-- his eyes moved up my back & met my gaze
he smiled slightly
and release me,
grabbed the seabacks again
& slid out of me
spat on his dick again
and pushed back in
huffed his breath
grabbed my ass
& started his stroke
bending his knees & lifting into me as he thrusted,
working that angle
he fell into rhythm & i closed my eyes & pushed my forehead against the back wall of the bus,
breathing deep the hot humid air
focusing on his firm hands on my butt
-- and the breif contact of his belly made with my back,
his balls made
slapping against mine
his knees against the back of mine
his cock working deeper inside of me
-- i squeezed my ring to cup him
suck him in

he started breathing in deep
like might sneeze
loud and deep inhales

then pulled his cock out of my ass
-- my lips closing full
disconnecting from his slick head

there was a moment of silence
i noticed we were both holding our breath
Then i heard a low grunt/moan/sigh ebb out of him as i felt a splash of hot life against my ass
i exhald then
just in time for him to push back inside me and grip me tight
pulling me hard, almost painful with his fingers as he made a chocking kind of sound
bending over me
sweatty furry belly making full contact with my back as i could feel the sweat and cum thick on our balls and his firey cock full inside me
throbbing & pulsing
-he only slightly letting up
then bucking into me as he grunted
wrappeing his arms around my belly anc chest
pulling m, almost lifting me up
i leaned back into him
and he started moving again
keeping contact
moving his tlick piston quicker
with a steady heavy breathing
punctuated with grunting exhales
i matched him with moans & undulations
squeezing him inside me
writhing, opening myself to him
rising to a pitch as he moved his hand down my belly to my pelvis
pulling me in
squishing into me
slick with the heat & sweat
cupping my balls & pulling & standing upslightly
with upward thrusts again
i was rising to my edge
and his moans were getting higher
breathier & faster
i shook, bucked, squeezed -- yelped
started shooting just as he put his fist around the head of my dick
& gasped pumping into me again
both of us throbbing & gasping
lost in the dim heat of the bus
eyes closed, not sure where i was
his throws subsiding til we were both still for a while
- his fist opening
he held it over my mouth
i licked it, sucked it, i bit it
i felt his dick swell a bit, but it wasn't cum
his warm flow filled me up as he slumped over me
breathing into my sweaty neck.

his dick got semi-flaccid
and he stood up- looking down at me squashed into the seats
he let himself gently slide out
& i heart him move around the bus

he was back again
whiping my body with a towel

he'd already whiped himself off, i guess, and was sitting on some seats breathing heavily

i watched him come to still as i put my clothes back on

then said

he started at me, slack face
... the hint of a smile as he huffed out "gracias"
and whiped his hand over his face
letting it rest on the seat back
fingers pointing towards the door

i let myself out, and closed it behind me
walking back to see if the waiting was over.


just as i finished writing
Jim came out and said it was time to go..
so we headed to the tour bus..
to wait for the other Jim to come back from the bathroom

as we walked out the door
the man i had been fantasizing about pulled up in his bus
he walked out
and i took a few pictures
totally wrapped up in my fantasies and desire..
i got on the bus
and snapped as many pictures as i could
fixating on his belly and hands..
his face!

then i jacked off in the back seat and sucked it up into myself...

we drove from there back to the airport
and i was feeling much better

with only a short period of time until the plane took off
i just sat and rested..
staggered onto the plane
and did my best to sleep all the way back to Lima
with my headphones on..

we got back to the hotel
and crashed pretty quickly.

i needed the rest
--- we have a long day tomorrow.

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