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reports from the field #1

i typed these things at the gathering
there was too much noise
it didn't work out
here ya go:

a friend asked me what i do in my day-to-day

that's difficult
every day
i'm somewhere else

what i do every day
is streatch
do yoga
feed myself somehow
often eating raw fruit
sometimes miso soup or kitchari (a curry)
i read
i write.

often, i sing to myself.

now, i'm going to cook with friends.

[hours later]

the day goes as it needs to
this is something i've been addressing:
should i MAKE things happen?
or go with the flow?
"only dead fish go with the flow"
really dumb fish fight it all the time
salmon only swim against it when they're going to breed
and die.

sex is always a powerful motivation, eh?

what did i do today?

let's back-track a bit.

i was still up at the hermitage
when he asked me this question
[when you asked me this question]

i was going stir-crazy
because i wasn't interracting with people
and that was only a few days

i need to learn the peace of solitude again
hermitage is a good place for it, eh?

yeah yeah.

[the next day]

what did i do today?

it's mid-day now
and by that
i mean
three o'clock
the sun is high
it is HOT here
i haven't done anything yet.

i woke up late
so many blankets
and the heat of the sun
but last night was cold

last night was the "know-talent show"


i typed out the lyrics to "gold for the price of silver" -- a song by Kings of Convience...:

if it takes control
of your body and soul

embrace it

if it makes you cry
or leave you wondering why

don't turn around: face it

but do turn cold
if they promise you gold

for the price of silver

if it's chemically made
by people you hate

pinch your arm and see if you're still there

everything you want is what i've got to give you
you just have to let yourself come with me now
everything you want is what i've got to give you
there's no time to hesitate
come with me now
let's go and watch the sunrise

let your heart
run along to the rhythm of your song
run along to the rhythm of your song...
run along...



i tryed typing some more...

I always think i have

like a gemini taurus trick

i always think

i have trust shit...


i thought i was so happy

then, later, i thought i was just not dealing with my problems

but it doesn't have to all be dealt with right now

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