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Vertical Prose

April 27th, 2004

Gone again @ 06:57 pm

Current Mood: just got back to the mountain top
Current Music: music from the heart of space -- janet planet -- NPR

i was sitting on the deck yesterday staring out at the valley
the beautiful light

i was a bit pissy
coz i'd dragged Leo down to town to pick up a package
thinking it was two packages
one from my mother
and one she forwarded from a psycho kid i know on NYC

but there was only one
and it had been put in isolation because it was leaking white powder...

no- spirutein... a health drink

what was in this box?

i opened it:

Four burnt candles in glass

two things he'd bought for me
but he was so crazy
i'd just left them
and some health-food shake shit
that was spilled everywhere

and a book i had lent him
but not my copy
he'd lost that
along with all the markings i had made in it
some crap re-buy he gave me
gee- thanks
and... a clump of my hair.
i threw most of it away

some people just don't know how to let go

feeling pissy
i call Kwai
coz when we'd got back he'd left a message telling me there was an opening in the dance...

he told me he was driving up the 101 and going to oregon

now, i was supposed to go down to Palm Springs with Leo and Rick this thursday
for a piss party
sex play
blah blah
but i really wanted to see Radiohead
but my brother didn't get tickets
no concert
and i didn't really feel like going down

this was perfect
everything seemed perfect
i told Leo
and he offered to take me to Ukiah to meet him

but then mercury retrograde kicked in
and communication broke down
and things got all a bit pissy
and he was telling me i was becomming so flakey
and there was anger
and patterns repeating
and the sun was gone behind the mountains
it was all going dark
and all i could do was rage through my confusions

where am i?

i'm in Oregon
Grant's Pass
at an internet cafe
on the way to Wolf Creek
for the Beltane Faery Gathering


here i am

where are you
and who are you with
on the day where love is a ceremony?
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Date:April 27th, 2004 10:19 pm (UTC)
Beltane. It's that time of year again. One more trip around the sun makes thirty-six total. Not too many in my reckoning.
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Date:May 6th, 2004 01:19 pm (UTC)


are you only thirty six?
you're such a kid
i remember that now
but i've known you so long
-- i've got older myself
i thought you'd be a daddy by now...

but you're still a kid, eh?

when in May is your birthday?
are you a beltane babe?
Happy taurus to you
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Date:May 6th, 2004 03:41 pm (UTC)

Re: thirty-six

it is today!
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Date:May 7th, 2004 12:32 am (UTC)

Re: thirty-six

happy birthday, mr 6

love ya!

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Date:May 7th, 2004 07:44 am (UTC)

Re: thirty-six

Hey vyne, I love ya too. And I had a perfectly good birthday. Just returned this morning from an evening with Emilio and all is good with the planet. (What is it with me and Italians?)

Vertical Prose