dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

show me the way

i went to the Pride Parade in Palm Springs

i'm not a Pride Parade kinda guy.

i'm not a Parade kinda guy.

the Parade bored me
i'm not interested in that, really

but all the beautiful men lined up to watch it..
that was great..

so i walked up and down the steet
and taking pictures..

and lots of looking.


there were...

many hot men.

and christians who hated gay people
more importantly
afraid of being alive.

there were..
lots of people
and the parade
many floats: empty.

most of the hot bears i took pictuers of
when i asked them
they said "why?"

they didn't know they were hot.

people are so silly sometimes
aren't we?

i saw old friends
that i don't really like
and he doesn't really like me

beautiful Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.



he's so cute.

i went back to the Desert Bear Inn with he and his Partner of 17 years, Greg.

cuddling and play
and pool
and on to Thai dinner
where ednixon
met up with us
-- i sat through dinner again
and then went off to the Barracks
a bar.


i left immediately with a beautiful man named Steve.

he had to hide me from his lover (michael)
but the house was beautiful
his sweat was beautiful
the cross (lit up on the mountain top)
was beautiful

i had a great time

but there was such sadness
-- i won't talk about all of it
but Robert S in NYC/Michigan
reminding me of...
the hot passionate fully conected loving playful communicative sex

as a mistress
as a trend as a friend as an old memory
got a life already
so i was fun
it was fun
never really in my life
fucking dream
as i am, sargent.

he drove me back to the bar
where Frank was
and a really hot guy talked to someone
then walked in

Frank, i offered him a drink
-- he wanted Peppermint Schnapps.

i bought him one... two came: one for me too
and a Hefferwissen.

and then this guy asked me "what's with the hair?"
and he bought us all shots of Whiskey.

not scotch, fuck that: irish.

he's irish.
his dick was a roll of dimes.

he was wearing a kilt.

we fell in love


i loved kissing him
i loved my hands all over his body.

i loved it
i loved playing with him and talking with him and hearing him
and showing off

and he left without saying bye.

and i called him
and he told me his Hotel

but it was a lie.

and i called him and he said "NO, i'm going to sleep"

and i said

' men suck '

and now i feel kinda bad

and kinda drunk.

and i'm going to sleep.


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