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Vertical Prose

November 5th, 2005

if i was the grand canyon i'd echo everything thing you say @ 02:20 am

it's kind of embarrassing to me that i've not hiked in the grand canyon yet...

but as i flew into LA
i woke up just in time
for us to fly over the four-corners area..

i looked for my 8-year-old self
marveling at the cliff dwellings...

green hills appeared
and then started to break
a huge gouge..

the sky was clear
i could see it coming
and i guess it was a waterfall..
or was that just haze?

the land was rent by a rift...
not like i'd imagined it
was that just a river over time?
so flat and smooth above it
other strange shapes..
the canyon opened into an underground mountain range
the levels were all strange

my eyes fluttered

i'm so glad i got to see it

what would i do with it?
who would i go with?

i wanna get lost...
as i explained it's so difficult for me to get lost
even in unknown cities
though i sometimes use it in my imaginary conversations i have with people i'm late to meet..
it's never true.

the only time i've ever noticed that it's easy for me to get lost..
is when i'm following someone around
and i know only them
and street signs and details become a blur
pale in their light
of conversation and desires

i listen
and i respond
-- it doesn't matter where (or what) i am.
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Vertical Prose