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Vertical Prose

September 10th, 2005

with awareness @ 01:10 am

"i need my conscience to keep watch over me
to protect me from myself
so i can wear honesty
like a crown on my head
as i walk into
the promised land
-- American Dreaming, Brenden Perry (dead can dance)

laying on the table
it occurred to me that the word
means "with sentience" or "with awareness"

when people talk about it as a seperate thing
is that because they are bumbling around like pinballs
bouncing off of experiences in life
while their Awareness (eternal, omnicient) is talking to them
yelling at them
waving hand and jumping up and down
trying to give them a clue of what's happening to them...

has all my struggles with trying to understand morality (and fit into the human race in general) come from the fact that i don't have a "conscience"
but that my ego IS my awareness...
i spend a good deal of time as my awareness
work on unifying the two?
(yoga; other meditations...)
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Vertical Prose