dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

makin' choices

on the trip down to bloomington
i played a CD for Kari
the last CD i made for Leo
"Create in Me a Clean Heart"

it has the track on it "a house in england" by The Divided
-- a song inspired by a story that happened in my life a few years ago
when Yacov offered to give me a house in england

Kari said
"whatever happend to that house...?"

i told her the story...

i just helped her do errands around town
-- talking with her Lawyers
delivering papers
then she went to work

i went to walk around bloomington...

but what to see there?
accessing it as a tourist
all i saw was College Town
despite my best intentions
i gag on college towns...

so i sat
with my computer
at the Bagel Company
drinking tea
and cruizing on their WiFi

what did i find?
about five very handsome men ...
so i sent them messages
in a little while
got a call from one of them..

a professor in Germanic studies

variations on the language through out time
Yiddish and Dutch..

he invited me to his office
-- we had great conversations about europe
... i felt my frustrations and predjudices about college kids
and i pined for Europe...
he's an olde generation American (and Canadian)
so it was strange talking with him
we were on different wavelengths..
i don't feel like this is my country
... he does.

i'm only a 3rd generation...

while i was on my knees
my phone rang...
but my mouth and hands were busy
so i let it go to voicemail

then it rang again

yet again
i missed it...
but noticed it was a call from... England.

after i left his office
walking through the woods of the IU campus
i checked my voicemail...
and it was Yacov...
offering me another house in england..


different story this time..

house out in the countryside..

anyone want to run a commune/guest house with me?
grow vegetables and grow old together?

"old dirt road
knee deep snow
watching the fire as we grow

but he scares me

... the furture scares me

i went to the bar where my sister works
and sat and drank with her
and drank and drank

and went to her car
and called N over and over and over for about five minutes

i imagined him sitting on his bed watching TV
and his eyes bulging as he heard the phone ringing... unable to pick it up.

i felt sad.

i talked with my mom a bit


i went back to the bar
and she was finished
so we went to some rather sad gay bars around town
where she flirted with the bar tenders

there were guys who wanted to meet up with me at night
or in the morning...

i decided not to.

i dreampt...

an earthquake was comming: it woke me up
i lay on the floor and felt it approaching
-- it ripped the country in half..

i was in a land cruiser
big as a city
virtual hands ripping through the soil
stealing all the gems..

-- i woke up
we drove back up here to Indiana
a few people wanted me to come and have sex with them
and i chose to be with the family
to hang with my sister
to talk with my father
to eat dinner with mom and dad at Benihana's japanese restaurant
where a group of people sit around a table with a grill
and cook the meat, cut it up
play with your food
make a show of it
right in front of you

that was nice
but i ate sushi...

always gotta be the odd one, i guess

it was cool
and i decided to stay with my mom and dad
instead of going out and getting Dick

which i could of done
still could do

but i'm here with them
and tomorrow
my mother will give me a massage
and then drive me to Dayton
visiting burial mounds on the way

i'll spend a night or two there
then head to Columbus for the week...
then a few days in Pittsburgh
then back to NYC?
maybe a night or two in Philly
depends on how the rides work...

it'll work out

back to NYC
for a week or two?

i dunno...

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