dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

had a beautiful day --- but i'm too tired to write about it


i had a great day today

still didn't get to sleep til after 4am last night
but was woken gently by my friend Robert calling me
and on the second time
i got it.

he came over
and we had a wonderful reunion
-- it felt so good to have a familiar friend from NYC invade my Michigan trip...

Indiana was starting to make me feel dead inside... just slightly
but i got out before it was bad
and grand rapids and the cabin certainly helped make me feel happy and alive again...

today with Robert was even better: we got to do what i love about the midwest...

we sat for a few hours doing nothing
in plastic lawn chairs
on a soggy lawn
looking out at the swampy Huron River behind my brother's apartment
smoking cigarettes

as we talked about our families and desires and experiences
the river became beautiful
the lawn became beautiful
everything was being infused with joy/love/life
-- colour filling things up.

i taught him about plants a bit
he taught me about accepting people

letting them live their lives and saying
"i hope you're very happy!"

we went for a walk to get breakfast...

wandered along the street
taking in the sights
... being tourists
(he grew up near here... a michigan boy)
we went into an amazing old store
stacked to the ceiling with everything Hobbyish.
guitars... doboros!
model train sets and setttings...
jigsaw puzzles
toys you have to put together yourself!
the Kooky Roost!
and paint by numbers...

all very old packaging..


but we were hungry
and found ourselves at Leo's Coney Island.

i got a rootbeer float
a Gyro omelet with tomatoes, onions and feta
side of hashbrowns
and two pancakes

as we ate
he told me the story of his father
which was so terrifying to me
i shivered
and couldn't eat...

"My dad is an emotional black-hole like that"


the life flowed back into me
and i finished my food
and we walked on..


to the Train Tracks...

i haven't walked on train tracks in years

never in a small town
during the day
on a track i knew to be still in use
(i heard the cars go by late at night... when i should have been sleeping)

but we went walking.

immediately saw a large bird that had been hit by the train and splattered all over...

but kept on walking
balancing on the rail...
talking to the construction worker..
being paranoid we'd get arrested..
enjoying being bad boys...

we got off at the park
and walked around...
but he refused to walk by the kids in the playground
said the world was too fucked up for that
(everyone worries about something)

-- we eventually got back on the tracks
walked over the tressel by my brother's road
and then around the back...

like kids

and i found a whole stand of Elderberries and wild grapes!

and the bitter-sweet nightshades that Michael Moore had told us about!
and some other berry that really didn't taste good...
then an irish nun stopped us and asked for directions...

it was just a really nice flash through the day...
then we were back at my brother's place and feeling good

and i feel way too tired to make sense of anything
i'm trying to remember something forgot
something i wanted to write about Iowa
that i have forgotten
and the steam is out of this entry..
i guess it all got packed into that other one i just posted...

there was something really nice though!
-- nice doesn't have as much texture as strife
such is the nature of Art, i guess...

i left my brother's place
and am now at my uncle's place

and i will probably run around Detroit a bit tomorrow
and leave in a few days for Phx
to spend a few days there
before returning to Indianapolis
to continue my gentle path east...

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