dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

night notes

burn out
-- to burn a prairie or forest
so fertile for new growth
sterile, like antibacterial soap;
hypochondriac's houses
sterile makes very fertile for new growth
bacterial or otherwise
ripe for mono-culture
to blanket, take over.


vascilate so much...
trying to decide what's best for them
and for everyone else...
while trying to take all the details into consideration

"conservatives" just take things from the Assumed Right position
and forces action from that sturdy stance


that thing about Kari
and why not quit smoking pot?


imagine a better world where all actions aren't made from fear
anything that's not US is going to try and take from us and kill us
so let's take everything from them and kill them first!

outside of the light in the night
at the edge of the darkness
wait the scary monsters

something better?


i love giving massage
and blow jobs

i love having sex
i love it love it love it.

all the time?

right now!

i love Gene and Jim
push my own boundaries of OUT
-go figure
good for them
and me.

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