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Vertical Prose

August 25th, 2005

my sister [s] @ 03:35 pm

Current Mood: grrrr
Current Music: my sister { a thousand different artists }

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Date:August 29th, 2005 05:57 am (UTC)

Re: Any self-aware person would question these things.

Well... she is... and she does...
like most Self Aware people
she takes a break from it
and... sometimes gets lost.

we all do..

during the conversation about the Dental Hygenist
even my father was telling her it was a job that had a quick Cap, as far as progression goes...
no real place to go
but quick good money if you can make it
and then just coast from there.

and this time with my brother has been good: he talks a lot about the process he's going through...
i don't really know what his ultimate vision is
but he doesn't either
it's fleshing out in a new way than it was last time he had a clear view of what he wanted it to be
--- but i have faith he has one
and he's only working through this "purgatory" as a way to get where he's going.

but the partnership thing is what's helping him do it, i think...

and that's what i hear from you
that i don't yet know...
how your husband motivates you to be greater than you are

i had that strongly for a year
but only a year
and even then
i didn't live with the guy... just loved him

you certainly seem like an interesting fellow i look forward to getting to know..

if i can ever manage to stay put in that city for longer than a week...

i've had dreams lately of sitting in my own apartment and reading a lot...

but it doesn't look like the place i'm living now...
so i'll have to start looking.

Vertical Prose