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my sister [s]

i was just walking around naked outside in back yard
sat down on the wooden chair to eat the blue-berry desert with vanilla ice-cream
when the conversation from earlier today hit me:

my sister has changed her major in college many times
what do you want to do when you grow up?
-- she's just graduated... finally
she spent nearly two months in Belize this spring digging around the Mayan Ruins
she wanted to get into Phorenzic anthropology?
Dental Phroenzic anthropology..
something like that
but it seemed passionate

in the last few days she's told me she's going to be a Dental Hygenist (which is kinda in my dad's field... and it seems to make him happy)
because she knows she'll make money
to pay off her bills, support her dogs, etc...

but it's not her passion

my brother did this too..
though the major he was going for was "being Jack Kerouac"
to whatever extent he could acheive it
yet again
he had to pay his bills
and took a job he wasn't (and isn't: four years later and still doing it)
interested in
coz it pays...

and i am still hearing stories from full-grown men of the jobs they don't enjoy but have to do
WHY do we do this?

i don't fault my siblings (if you're reading this)
it just makes me sad that the world does this to us

whores to the dollar, to the debt

all balancing... dancing a way to make it work out.

for those of you who read this
and often read here
sorry i've not written
i've had lots of ideas
i've just not been focusing

mercury retrograde?

it's catching back up to speed
so the words are comming out again.

i'll try and back-date some writings soon

i'm indiana now
and heading up to michigan today
(and damnit! there's a nudist bear gathering about a half hour south of here and i only just found out about it after i made my plans to go north!)

so it {we,i} goes[s]
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