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Vertical Prose

August 7th, 2005

Past @ 12:39 pm

" it's the past...
it's in the Bracken...
Did something happen?

i'm like a butterfly
in a case
and i'm a number
in a drawer...

but NO
i don't remember..."

when i posted that post about the terrible "good-bye" to Sheridan
Trevis' girlfriend from 10 years ago commented on it:
she had googled the net looking for him
and found him with me
a spider
a keeper of the past

i gave her his number
and passed on...

on the phone with my brother a few moments ago
he told me he went to his 10 year high school reunion a few weeks ago
and this girl named Courtney came up to him and asked him about me
(didn't know his name: "Are you Nick's brother?")

-- she wasn't surprised at the life i've led
then she paused and said
"is he still hanging around with Sheridan and Trevis?"

-No, he said

"good, i didn't think he would be: they were always so poisonous to him and he never saw it... i'm glad he finally did"
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Vertical Prose