dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

the dream i had last night

it was a future world
like blade runner
with cyberspace and robots and dark skies
i was having sex with this guy in his office (business man)
and he shot me with a tranquilizer
i guess i passed out while he fucked me
i wasn't sure
but something he did made it seem OK

but later
in the same office
his partner shot me with a tranq
and i DIDN'T want to have sex with him
i pulled it out right after it got in me
so i didn't get a full dose of the drug
but then i had to fight him off
because he was frightened
and the more i tried to fight him off
the more the drug rushed into my blood
and my body became heavy and slow
i could hardly move
i remember the feeling of my limbs becoming leaden...

i awoke
it was very dark, cold: Night
the stars were heavy
and i could hardly hold my eyes open
but i really needed to pee
as well as feeling cottonmouthed
i grabbed the railing and pulled myself up
my body was still half paralyzed from the drug (the dream)
and i pissed off the deck
swilled down a jar of water
then fell back asleep...

(now i can't be as detailed here)

i was traveling with this man (or was this man... in this part of the dream i was no one or everyone)
who had a large white SUV thing
that was also a space ship that could travel through dimensions
-- we had stuff to do here
but Here was, yet again, that dark futuristic world

there were deamon/being things that were in persuit of us
but they were kinda bumbling
so we weren't worried
they were bothersome...

i don't remember much of what happened regaurding our task
until we got to this guy's house
who was some inter-dimensional war-lord
but disguised as a vein italian/puerto rican man in the suburbs
he was balding
and we gave him this strange tupe thing that actually grew on his head
i remember the texture of his scalp bubling and shifting
withing moments he had corn-rows
then a full head of hair
then it devoured him and digested him
and the whole thing shifted into cyberspace:

the house was filled with people
the basement was a spaceship thing, or worm hole
or someplace out of time/reality

so the "cyberspace/virtual reality" was like a metaphor for all that's "real" "here"

my character had to jump into the program/beast of this war-lord guy
it was like an irridescent ever-shifting phoenix
and all the fighting went on inside of it
for... Control
everyone in the room watched with bated breath

reality changed
then disintigrated
we had to re-create the whole thing over again
it was like looking at a key-board before keys
without fingers
trying to type things out
like cyber-chat

the display was multi-coloured
and eventually we started talking again
but we weren't typing
the screen was just displaying our thoughts
which got more and more intricate and colourful as technology progressed back up to "reality"

i was in a school house with my old teen age friend ( trevis and sheridan )

we had all of that child-hood shit to work out
before we could even claim our bodies and leave

i and the girl finished first
and the other boy was stuck sulking in a corner
but the building was burning down
so we ran to get outside:

a basket ball court surrounded by chainlink fence
with an out-ward sloping top with razor wire

i climbed up
threw myself over
and dissapeared in a swamp

i was also the girl
and the other boy
who had
by this time
come up
but the whole place was burning down
and the girl was afraid to jump because she had seen me dissapear...
and he was afraid too
but they climbed up

and i was sick of dreaming
and woke up
a bit panic'd
but excited!

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