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Vertical Prose

July 29th, 2005

Psycho Bitch / Crack Head @ 08:37 pm

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Date:August 4th, 2005 07:46 am (UTC)
ok, this is random but i'm wondering whatever happened to trevis. can you tell me? i knew him almost 10 years ago, he made quite an impact on my life. i googled him and ended up here. fill me in if you please.
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Date:August 4th, 2005 07:04 pm (UTC)


Hello there
and Who are You?
he made quite on impact on many lives..

Trevis is a boy i was obessessed with as a teenager
we met out in the cornfields of indiana
and became quick companions
spending as much time as always together until 1999
when i decided i wanted a real-boy-friend and left to live in Arkansas

Trevis then
shortly after
took up with an older woman out at Brietenbush Hot Springs
and we, very shortly after that, stopped talking with eachother

as it is now
i am not in touch with him or any of my other Hoosier friends...

where did you meet him?
or Indiana?

i can give you his current telephone number
but i don't know his email
or if he'll call you back
seeing that he has that quality of not being very good at keeping in touch with people.

i'm dominic--- did you know me?

my email is
vyne23 at yahoo dot com
email me there
and i'll give you his number

Vertical Prose